How to change

New i20 Remote Ring

This simple tutorial will guide you in changing outer keypad rings for new I20 key. This rings are made up of high quality, durable and non-fading ABS plastics and give your key beautiful and aesthetic looks. These rings are very easy to install and no professional help is needed in fitting them.

To begin with you will require following things to assemble the new rings:

  • Cutter
  • Fevi Kwick or other super glue
  • New Keypad
  • Coloured Ring(s)


Remove Damaged Keypad

Use Cutter to remove old keypad from your key. Make sure all the pieces of old keypads are thoroughly removed as any pieces remaining will hinder the fitting of new keypad. Be careful with cutter while removing the old keypad.



Old Ring

Old ring is just fixed in its position. You can remove that by lifting it gently from its place use cutter as shown in picture.

You can keep this ring safely with you which can be used at later stage if you want to revert to original design.

Clean Dust

on Remote

Thoroughly clean the key before pasting keypad so that keypad firmly grips the base. Failing to do so may lead to falling of keypad after few days of fixation as dust hinders the proper sticking of keypad to key.

You can use old toothbrush or cutter blade to remove dust and debris from the key.




New Ring

and Keypad

Select the ring colour of your choice and keep keypad handy required later for pasting.

Place Ring

on Remote

Ring provided by us of little tight fitting so that it snaps at its place on pressing hard. Size of ring is intentionally bigger so that it doesn't falls from its place. Gentle force is required to fix the new ring.



Use Fevi Kwick to Paste Keypad

You can use Fevi Kwick or other similar super glue to fix the keypad to key. Fevi Kwick is not provided with keypad and you have to purchase it separately from local market as there is restriction on transporting liquid items by courier.

Place & Paste

Keypad Correctly

Correctly place the keypad on key and gently press it to paste it to the key. It should fix within seconds of pressing.


Ring comes in two beautiful colours Sporty RED and Racing YELLOW