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Mahindra Xylo & Quanto (Top Model) comes with remote integrated key. With time the rubber buttons of this key gets damaged, worn-out, broken or deformed. This small tutorial will help you in repairing malfunction buttons with the help of Silicon Cover. This DIY Tutorial can be followed by any one and will save money on costly replacement from agency.

All car keys circuit are sensitive to electrostatic charge. Be careful while handling circuits with hand or other metallic objects as it may permanently damage the key.

Preparing the Key

  1. Begin with cleaning the key and removing left-over pieces of old keypad so that buttons on circuit are clearly visible.
  2. Take a piece of hard rubber (You may take buttons of old TV Remote or other similar object) and cut that into smaller pieces so that they fit in place of empty space in key where their were original buttons.
  3. Make sure buttons are working by pressing all the buttons and checking LED light glowing in that place.
  4. No button should be bigger than hole in key in which its fits (It may be little smaller) and height of button should align with surface of Remote Key. If height is lower than surface then you may use 2 more pieces of rubber in one hole so that hole fills with rubber up to the height of key.

(Check the image slides for more details)

Final Steps

  1. Now cover all the buttons with Tape so that they don't fall from their position.
  2. Check the key again for working by pressing the buttons.
  3. Finally  cover all these with Silicon Cover so that all buttons gets secured under it and you can use the key normally.

(Check the image slides for more details)

Finally your key is repaired using Silicon Cover

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