Hyundai Keypad Change


Damaged Keypad on Hyundai Key

Hyundai Flip keys has there keypads made up of rubber which gets damaged, cut or deteriorated with time. The most common cause of this damage is that most people press the buttons with there nails pointed toward the button which cuts the soft rubber.

Replacing them is undoubtedly important as not only for cosmetic purpose but also to save the internal remote circuit board from dust and water, which can cause permanent damage to circuit.


Removing the old keypad

  1. Make sure you have an appropriate keypad before you remove your old one.
  2. Take a sharp blade, to remove old keypad.
  3. Slide it in the gap between keypad and Flip key body.
  4. Lift it up gently to remove old keypad.
  5. Be careful, keypad is pasted on a frame which can break if too much force is applied.
  6. Remove the keypad (along with frame) from the Flip Key.


Separate keypad from frame



Close-Up of Keypad and Frame

Separating old keypad from Frame

Remove the old keypad pasted to frame using a sharp blade. Remove all the pieces of old rubber pad and thoroughly clean the frame.

Preparing new keypad for fitting

  1. Picture 1 shows, Front side of Frame
  2. Picture 2 shows, Back side of Frame
  3. Compare the new keypad and the frame.
  4. If it has extra button (normally the middle button) then you can cut that button with a blade.
  5. Cut it from the bottom
  6. So that you level it to the surface of keypad.

The last step of cutting the extra button is optional and may not apply in your case. Few cars only have 2 buttons (Lock and Unlock) and they doesn't require the middle boot button. Always check with your old keypad, what buttons are required as unnecessarily cutting the middle button can damage the new keypad permanently and can make it unusable.

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