Hyundai Keypad Change-2

Fixing new keypad on frame

Fix new keypad on the frame. All edges of frame should be evenly covered by the keypad. Make sure that there are no bumps on edges of frame after keypad is fixed on it.

This step is extremely important as even a minor defect can cause water to enter in the key damaging the circuit.

Final adjustment to frame

Frame has 4 plastic pins which gets deformed if its forcibly taken out of the key. You will be required to slightly reduce the diameter of this pins using a file before it can be fit back to the Flip key.

Tip: If you don't have a file then you can use nail file (in nail cutter) on this plastic pins.

Finally fix the keypad

Finally fix the keypad by putting this keypad-frame combo on the Flip Key and pressing it gently with your thumb. If keypad is coming out from edge then slide it in using a blade. In the end check all the buttons for working.

Mission Accomplished...

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