X-ray of Scorpio key

Most of the latest model Scorpio has an immobilizer in it. If your key breaks or worn out, then you can take out the existing sensor to use in new key shell. This will not only save on costs but also save precious time as spare key is not readily available in agency.

Watch the following video for sensor extraction.

Extracting sensor from a key is a risky procedure. Never attempt if you only have single key. Should be performed by professionals only.

Immobilizer chip is a delicate component. Even a minor scratch can render it useless.


Damaged Keypad on Hyundai Key

Hyundai Flip keys has there keypads made up of rubber which gets damaged, cut or deteriorated with time. The most common cause of this damage is that most people press the buttons with there nails pointed toward the button which cuts the soft rubber.

Replacing them is undoubtedly important as not only for cosmetic purpose but also to save the internal remote circuit board from dust and water, which can cause permanent damage to circuit.


Removing the old keypad

  1. Make sure you have an appropriate keypad before you remove your old one.
  2. Take a sharp blade, to remove old keypad.
  3. Slide it in the gap between keypad and Flip key body.
  4. Lift it up gently to remove old keypad.
  5. Be careful, keypad is pasted on a frame which can break if too much force is applied.
  6. Remove the keypad (along with frame) from the Flip Key.


Separate keypad from frame



Close-Up of Keypad and Frame

Separating old keypad from Frame

Remove the old keypad pasted to frame using a sharp blade. Remove all the pieces of old rubber pad and thoroughly clean the frame.

Preparing new keypad for fitting

  1. Picture 1 shows, Front side of Frame
  2. Picture 2 shows, Back side of Frame
  3. Compare the new keypad and the frame.
  4. If it has extra button (normally the middle button) then you can cut that button with a blade.
  5. Cut it from the bottom
  6. So that you level it to the surface of keypad.

The last step of cutting the extra button is optional and may not apply in your case. Few cars only have 2 buttons (Lock and Unlock) and they doesn't require the middle boot button. Always check with your old keypad, what buttons are required as unnecessarily cutting the middle button can damage the new keypad permanently and can make it unusable.

Ford locks have this special pin sitting on its leavers which will settle down only if correct key is inserted.
Ford locks have this special pin sitting on its leavers which will settle down only if correct key is inserted.

Do you know that?

 All ford locks having this key has a special mechanism in which a hardened cylindrical pin is placed on top of levers. This pin settles down only if correct key is inserted in the lock. This system helps in preventing the theft by allowing only legitimate key to work as even a small deviation from original key profile will lift this pin up and will prevent the lock from opening from any key other than original one. 

This mechanism also prevent forcible entry in the car as all the force applied on lock levers is directly transferred to this pin to lift it up instead of rotating the lock.

After careful inspection, we found that problem was with original key itself. Original key was worn-out so it was lifting the pin up. So we made a duplicate key from original one which finally solved are problem of jammed lock.

New key was able to rotate easily in the lock cylinder with-out lifting the pin up but when we tried the old key, problem persisted. 

In this special case the problem was due to worn out key, but we have found that same problem of jammed lock can also arise due to other factors.

Duplicate key copied from original one
Duplicate key copied from original one

Common factors jamming this lock

Rusting on levers Can be repaired by cleaning the levers
Foreign particle in lockSometimes dust or other particles enter the lock causing this problem. This can be corrected by thoroughly cleaning the lock from inside
Sticky levers Sometimes moisture enters the lock which prevents independent movement of levers. You can take-out individual levers and clean it with a file. 

Inside view of lock assembly

Inside view of lock assembly

Nothing needs to be taken out from lock assembly as the fault is only in the ignition barrel which has been already taken out.

Use a nose pliers to separate metal clip from ignition barrel 

Taking the Cylinder Out 

There is one more small metal clip which hold the cylinder in the barrel. You can take a small screw-driver to pull it out. Be careful when pulling it out as it is made of hardened steel which is very elastic & can pinch the skin of finger.

 Final steps to take the cylinder out 

  1. Sometimes this pin remains pressed if lock is taken out forcibly. You can pull this pin mechanism out using a small screw-driver.
  2. It may break while pulling but don't worry as it can be easily fixed.
  3. Now you can easily slide out the cylinder from barrel.
  4. Picture of barrel without pin mechanism.


Taking the barrel out

Although it may seen easy to take this barrel out of lock assembly but in actual practice it's far more difficult to do the same. There is a Metal Clip holding the barrel in the lock assembly which prevents it from coming out in other then "ON" position. Since we are taking out lock in "OFF" position so considerable force is required  to take it out.


Ford Ignition Lock Repair 00125

This piece of metal clip hold the barrel in the lock

Close-up shot of the barrel

Ford Ignition Lock Repair 00108

Problem Description

In this article, we are working on lock which has been taken out of steering column as its easy to understand. You can also repair the lock even if its fit inside the car.

This problem usually arise either due to worn-out key or due to misaligned levers in locks which causes this problem due to which the key gets stuck inside the lock.

Information about car used:

Company Ford
Model Ikon
ImmobilizerNot Present

If key is stuck inside the lock then avoid applying unnecessary force on key as it can break the plastic grip on key.

Opening the lock

  1. In first image, you can clearly see a pin. This pin hold the ignition barrel. Normally you can take out the barrel by pressing this pin in ON position.
  2. But in this case as we are unable to rotate the key to ON position then only solution left is to strike this pin with a pointed tool and a hammer.
  3. When this pin gets sufficiently pressed then lock will get loose as seen in picture-3
  4. Now you can use a screw-driver to pull the ignition barrel out of lock assembly.


All you want to know about this remote....

  • More about this remote
  • Remote Matching Proceedure
  • Remote Matching Video
  • Number of Buttons3Lock, Unlock & Boot
    Frequency313.8 Mhz 
    Battery UsedCR 1616, 3 Volts1 Piece
    Lag in transmission

    Lock Button: Negligible

    Unlock Button: Negligible

    Boot Button: 1 Second


    Boot button is required to be pressed for 1 second before it becomes functional
    1. Begin by sitting in car and Inserting a key in Ignition Lock
    2. Turn it to ON/ACC Position, don't start the car.
    3. Press Lock or Unlock button once on new remote to be matched
    4. Now turn the ignition to OFF position. Keep the key in lock itself.
    5. Repeat step 2 to 4
    6. Repeat step 2 to 4
    7. Again turn it to ON/ACC Position, don't start the car.
    8. Press Lock or Unlock button twice on new remote to be matched
    9. Press Lock or Unlock button once on other remotes, if any.
    10. Now turn the ignition to OFF position. Take out the key from it and check all remotes for working.

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