Ford Ignition Lock Problem

Problem Description

In this article, we are working on lock which has been taken out of steering column as its easy to understand. You can also repair the lock even if its fit inside the car.

This problem usually arise either due to worn-out key or due to misaligned levers in locks which causes this problem due to which the key gets stuck inside the lock.

Information about car used:

Company Ford
Model Ikon
ImmobilizerNot Present

If key is stuck inside the lock then avoid applying unnecessary force on key as it can break the plastic grip on key.

Opening the lock

  1. In first image, you can clearly see a pin. This pin hold the ignition barrel. Normally you can take out the barrel by pressing this pin in ON position.
  2. But in this case as we are unable to rotate the key to ON position then only solution left is to strike this pin with a pointed tool and a hammer.
  3. When this pin gets sufficiently pressed then lock will get loose as seen in picture-3
  4. Now you can use a screw-driver to pull the ignition barrel out of lock assembly.

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