Ford Ignition Lock Problem 3

Inside view of lock assembly

Inside view of lock assembly

Nothing needs to be taken out from lock assembly as the fault is only in the ignition barrel which has been already taken out.

Use a nose pliers to separate metal clip from ignition barrel 

Taking the Cylinder Out 

There is one more small metal clip which hold the cylinder in the barrel. You can take a small screw-driver to pull it out. Be careful when pulling it out as it is made of hardened steel which is very elastic & can pinch the skin of finger.

 Final steps to take the cylinder out 

  1. Sometimes this pin remains pressed if lock is taken out forcibly. You can pull this pin mechanism out using a small screw-driver.
  2. It may break while pulling but don't worry as it can be easily fixed.
  3. Now you can easily slide out the cylinder from barrel.
  4. Picture of barrel without pin mechanism.


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