Maruti SX4 ECM/ECU

You can locate this in engine compartment adjacent to battery. It is fastened with 4 bolts. Follow the following steps to safely remove it from the car.

  • Always disconnect the battery first before removing the ECM/ECU
  • Then disconnect the connector from ECU/ECM ports.
  • In last, unscrew the bolts to remove it from car.

Car used:

SX4 Petrol 2008 Model

You will require 2 long screw-drivers, A sharp cutter / blade and a safety glass to open the ECM/ECU.

Opening the protective case of ECM/ECU

ECM/ECU circuit is concealed safely in a protective casing to prevent damage from dust, water, static electricity and other foreign particles. The 2 parts of outer casing are tightly packed with rubber type sealant between them. You need to cut this sealant  with a sharp blade to open this casing. 

SX4 Ecm full

You need to apply sufficient force to break the remaining sealant and open the case. You can take help of screw-drivers to apply the force required to open this protective case.


The 2 connector ports are integral part of circuit and not of that casing. The most common mistake technician do who are opening the ECM for first time is to pull the circuit apart from plastic casing by directly applying force on circuit. This will damage the circuit. There is very thin line of gap between the ports and plastic casing. You need to cut along this line to tear the rubber sealant film and separate the casing from connection ports. Watch the last parts of video in this article for more clarification.

Immobiliser Codes

All the immobiliser codes are stored in IC 9356. You can locate this on circuit to read the codes...


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